May 2021 Gazette – Bob Adamov Releases 14th Novel – Memory Layne

Bob Adamov Releases 14th Novel – Memory Layne

– Retired Miller Ferry Captain fights Alzheimer’s and heart condition
– Lives in a mobile home on stilts over the rocks at the Miller Ferry Catawba dock
– Dedicated to the Market Family and Matt Parker

“Memory Layne is not an Emerson Moore novel, but is the result of a challenge I gave myself to write a tragic but humorous family drama story. I’ve had several relatives and friends in the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and have been amazed at their cognitive thinking at times and comical quips when I didn’t expect them. My observations were incorporated in Zeke Layne, a character whom I am sure you will enjoy,” Adamov commented.

His string of award-winning island bestsellers in the popular and growing Emerson Moore series includes Rainbow’s End, Pierce the Veil, When Rainbows Walk, Promised Land, The Other Side of Hell, Tan Lines, Sandustee, Zenobia, Missing, Golden Torpedo, Chincoteague Calm, Flight and Assateague Dark.

Memory Layne reminds me of Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook! – Charles Meier, Key West author and star of the Science Channel’s The Curse of The Bermuda Triangle

With his white beard and red suspenders, his salty good humor, harmonica, and bucket of tall tales, Zeke Layne is one of those memorable characters you can still occasionally find – whether it be a Chincoteague Island waterman or retired Cape Cod fisherman or charter boat skipper in the Florida Keys, or in the case of Memory Layne, Bob Adamov’s poignant word portrait, a former Miller ferry boat captain on Lake Erie.

Zeke lives with his daughter, teenage granddaughter and golden lab in an old mobile home, built on steel pilings at the Miller Ferry Catawba dock, with a view from his deck of South Bass Island. Alzheimer’s and a worrisome heart condition haven’t stopped him from his daily routine of entertaining passengers waiting at the Catawba dock to board the ferry or caring for his Chincoteague pony. It’s not a bad life, even having to deal with two rapacious stepdaughters and their biker pals.

But when the unthinkable happens, Zeke must summon all his fading resources in a madcap dash to a safe haven. Adamov populates his story with a cast of unforgettable characters who teach us about the power of love, and prove, as Hemingway once said, that man can be destroyed, but not defeated. Memory Layne is a thoroughly enjoyable read! – Paul Kemprecos, New York Times best-selling author.

Adamov dedicated his book to the owners of the Miller Boat Line – Billy, Julene, and Scott Market in recognition of their ongoing commitment and community involvement for South Bass Island’s residents and visitors. It is also dedicated to Matt Parker, who retired as the Catawba Island dockmaster.

As in the past, readers will be able to identify several locals in an Adamov novel. Making appearances are The Markets (Billy, Scott, Julene, Allie & Liam) Jerry Davenport, Matt Parker, Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, John Schaffner, D’Arcy Egan, Kim Bartish, Ken Kartheiser, Kylah Meagan, Cathy Davenport, Mary Alice Schaffner and Jayne Kerwin. And Liam Market has a pony in a corral behind barn #4 at the Lime Kiln dock!

The new book will be available at the Country House, The Butterfly House of Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie Islands Historical Society’s Museum and Wharfside as well as at www.BobAdamov.com with free shipping.

Adamov is drafting his 15th novel Sunset Blues. It deals with the disappearance of Emerson Moore’s Aunt Anne after her East Point home explodes and Russian mobsters running London-style taxis on the island.

For more information or to have Adamov speak at your event, visit: www.BobAdamov.com or call: 330-289-7616. Follow Adamov on Facebook.


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