The Perfect Photo Ops at the Island Club

A picture is worth a thousand words. While staying at the Island Club, we want to make sure you are capturing those photos. Check out our recommendations for the best places to take pictures at the Island Club.

The Island Club #ShareTheChair Chair

Our first recommendation on the best place to take a picture during your stay at the Island Club is with the giant Island Club Chair located near the pool. You can’t miss it! This massive chair is the perfect spot for groups, and couples, to get a picture while staying at the Island Club. Perfectly labeled, the #ShareTheChair chair is perfect for documenting your vacation. Whether you stand, sit, or kneel, the #ShareTheChair photo at the Island Club is a photo worth taking. Bonus photos if you email us your photo at!

Inside/Outside your Island Club House

Our second recommendation on the best place to take a picture while on vacation at Put-in-Bay is inside, or outside, your Island Club House. Taking a picture of where you stay is great for looking back and remembering specific details of your vacation. Did you decorate your Island Club House for a birthday or bachelorette party? Perfect! You created the perfect backdrop for photos. If not, there is plenty of space inside the house to take pictures and the outdoor deck of the Island Club Home will provide you with an equally nice background for photos.

By the Island Club Pool

Our next recommendation for the best photos is taking them by the Island Club Pool. Whether you are physically swimming, or just lounging in a beach chair by the pool, these photos will provide you great memories and inspiration during the long, cold winter months. Plus, the natural sunlight is awesome for photos!

By the Entrance with the Island Club Sign

Another recommendation we have for taking the best photos at the Island Club includes posing by our entrance sign. Just like the picture with your Island Club House, taking a photo by the Island Club entrance will help you remember the sensation of starting your vacation at Put-in-Bay. Additionally, it helps capture those exact feelings of excitement of when you first arrived. This photo is documented proof of the quality time spent with your family and friends before you traveled back home.

With Your Island Club Golf Cart

Speaking of travel, another great photo op is with your Island Club Golf Cart. Trust us, it is not every day you get to drive a golf cart around an island! Whether it is a group selfie of you and all your passengers or an action shot of you behind the wheel, this photo will be so fun to look back on. Side note, please refrain from taking selfies while driving.

While Riding The Island Club Taxi

Another fun travel photo op includes taking a picture with the Put-in-Bay Island Club Taxi. The Taxi Drivers for the Island Club work hard on safely transporting you and your party around while still making it a fun experience. Why not document that moment? Whether it is a selfie inside the taxi or posing with your driver outside, these pictures will help you remember the fun stories you have from your time at Put-in-Bay.

Last, but not least…

Going on vacation is an absolute blast, and the photos you take will last a lifetime. We hope you document and take pictures during your time at the Island Club. Did you take any good ones? Send them to us! We would love to see your photos and share them on our social media! We’ll see you at the island real soon.

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