What Not To Do At Put-in-Bay

What Not to Do During Your Stay at Put-in-Bay

While there’s so many fun things to do at Put-in-Bay, here are a few things you should NOT do.  Although most of these will seem obvious, people still seem to make these very simple mistakes on their trips to Put-in-Bay, Ohio.


This goes for Put-in-Bay and everywhere else.  Don’t drive drunk it is never worth it.  The Put-in-Bay Police Department lay down the law when it comes to drinking and driving.  Plus, no one wants to be the guy or girl that gets in their car after one too many drinks and harms innocent people by getting into an accident.  

A DUI will cost you over $10,000!  Meanwhile, a fun and reliable ride in and Island Club or Put-in-Bay Condo taxi will run you just $3 and will take you where you need to go safely. 

Furthermore, just because a golf cart is not a car you will still get a DUI when you get pulled over.  Golf carts are still considered a motorized vehicle and are subject to the same driving laws as cars.


Open containers of alcohol are not permitted anywhere on the Put-in-Bay.  Please understand that even if your drink has a lid on it, it will still be considered as an open container.  An open container violation can land you a trip to the Put-in-Bay Mayors Court and a citation for over $150.00. As a result, it’s not worth it when you can purchase plenty of different drink for less than $5.


This should go without saying.  From a legal standpoint, the consequences of stealing a golf cart is considered grand theft of a motor vehicle.  Stealing a golf cart is not some silly late-night prank to pull.  Fines for stealing a gold cart can be more than $8,000 if found guilty. 

Golf Cart Rentals at Put-in-Bay are much cheaper than the fine for stealing one.  Besides, our golf carts are equipped with GPS tracking devices in order to make sure if they are stolen, we will be able to locate the golf cart in real time.  In addition, security cameras at all the bars and downtown streets can assure that you will NOT get away with stealing a golf cart.  Those renting golf carts be sure to ask your renter about how to lock your steering wheel when parked!


Unlike the previous things of what not to do, bringing your car over is not illegal by any means.  We simply don’t recommend bringing your car over on the ferry as there is limited parking on the island.  Besides, those who bring their car over find that they never use anyways. There are plenty of taxis and golf cart rentals to pick from. 

As previously stated, it is not at all illegal to bring your car over, it is just not practical by any means. Rent a golf cart or let our taxis get you where you need to go! Taxis cost just $3 per person.

If you are persistent about needing to bring your car over in the event that you have a large group, try consolidating your things into one car. Lines the Miller Ferry can be long so be sure to check the schedule to see when the ferries are in service.


If, in the end, you do decide to bring your car over, do not just park anywhere.  Pay attention to parking signs and many open spots might be reserved for certain businesses or bars. 

There is a towing company on the island, and they won’t make any special exceptions should you be parked illegally.  For those who have their vehicles towed, you can pick your car up from locally owned Camel Tow Towing Company located at 349 Meechen Road. 

In addition, the fee for each tow is $250.  That’s a lot of money you could have spent at the bars or restaurants!

We hope you find this blog helpful in planning your trip.  We look forward to seeing you at the bay!

Lastly, for lodging inquiries visit our website or call us at 216-898-9951.

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