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We wrote about skunks being smelled on the island in last month’s issue. Skunks have not made any of the Bass Islands home for many years. One astute reader sent us the following text: “I just read that funny blurb about the skunk smell on the island….it’s not skunks…that’s the way pot smells now. While out walking I can always tell who’s getting high!…the first time I got a whiff of it, the fact was pointed out that it is the new super duper pot.” Google it and read about it.

Podcast:We caught Katrina Reed Spatafore discussing Put-in-Bay in an interview on the podcast LIVING THE RV DREAM EPISODE 151 in July with host “Travelling Robert.” You can Google this and listen to the interview.

Reminder: If you are a neighbor of Cooper’s Woods, please do not dump your lawn or garden clippings into the woods. They really aren’t good for keeping the native wildflowers around!

Celebrity Visit:Brian Cultice reports NFL wide receiver Terrelle Pryor was spotted at Cameo Pizza one weekend in July. Terrelle may be working on a comeback, but that night he was more interested in coming back to get another pizza.

Illegal Crossing?:One of the local employees on the island ran into some people who had Canadian accents over the 4th of July. He asked how they got to Put-in-Bay, and they said they had come over by boat. That’s kind of interesting since the border with Canada has been closed to traffic both ways for the last several months and isn’t expected now to reopen until late August if even then.

Photo Credit:Last month we had a photo of the PIB School students graduating from the 8th grade and gave the photo credit to the wrong person. Kira Hubner took the photo. Sorry, Kira.

Dedication Postponed:The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy wishes to thank the DeRivera Park Trustees for working with them on the sale of Cooper’s Woods. Watch for a dedication of the Cooper’s Woods Preserve this fall. The original dedication date of August 2nd was recently postponed.

Social Media:Katrina Spatafore from Miller Boat Line monitors social media for items about Put-in-Bay. Recently, the island made The Oprah Magazine, a website about “60 Charming American Towns You Haven’t Heard of But Should Visit ASAP,” and an article in House Beautiful entitled “Hit the roads less traveled.”

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