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Golf Cart Rentals

Golf carts rentals are the primary choice of transportation in Put-in-Bay Ohio!

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Welcome to Put-in-Bay! The unofficial estimate for the number of golf carts on this Lake Erie island is over 800. There are many sizes to choose from depending on your transportation needs. We offer a variety of Put In Bay golf cart rentals including 4 and 6 person carts. We also offer a special rate when you reserve your cart online through our website here, so save some money! Proudly serving ONLY Island Club Rentals guests with a confirmed reservation!!

put in bay golf cart rentals put in bay golf cart rentals

Ask anyone who has visited Put-in-Bay even once, and especially those who've been visiting regularly since they were kids, to name particular reasons for the island's special tourist appeal. Almost without fail, golf cart, or "golf cars", make the short list.

They are available all over downtown Put-in-Bay as well as by the Put-in-Bay ferry docks but for our guests' convenience, we bring your cart right to your front door! And when you are finished with your vacation and heading home, we pick it up right at your front door as well. We are your home base on South Bass Island!

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Ease of Use

It is easy to understand the appeal of golf cart rentals on Put In Bay Island. Full-sized automobiles, buses, and delivery trucks are severely restricted on the island due to a lack of parking, and golf carts are the primary motorized means of transportation and will fit into the snuggest of spaces. Most island residents themselves own only golf carts for transportation, which explains what may at first seem like unusual tiny driveways at most homes in Put-in-Bay's residential areas.

put in bay lodging put in bay golf cart rentals

With golf cart speeds restricted at just about 15 miles an hour, and in-town speeds equal to that, traffic in Put-in-Bay moves at a gentler pace. Were it not for the lively social scene to be found all around the downtown area, the golf carts might bring to mind a Cleveland retirement community on an island. But most people are more often moved to compare the gentle putt-putt of golf carts up and down the town's streets to the childlike wonders of Disneyland and their slower rides into Tomorrowland!

Give yourself plenty of time to tour the entire five-square-mile island. You will find many of our Put in Bay restaurants on Delaware Ave in downtown. But you will be glad to have a cart when you want to go to Joe's Bar our on Langram Rd. There is golf cart parking all over downtown and at the various Put-in-Bay hotels so go explore!

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Safety and Fun Go Hand in Hand

Be on the lookout for the occasional pothole and the speed bumps at the south end of the island. You don't want the person riding in back to get hurt. Above all, be sure to always drive on the right side of the road and take your keys with you when you leave the cart. All carts are licensed motor vehicles. It is best to make advance reservations for your Put In Bay golf cart rentals during busy seasons. Ask your rental contact or agent who they recommend and whether they can make reservations for you.

All carts rented by Island Club Golf Carts are safe and easy to use. Safety devices such as turn signals, seatbelts, and taillights are checked regularly. EZ-Go, Yamaha, and Club Car are our popular cart brands. The Island Club has gas powered carts, but we partner with Golf Cart Depot which has electric golf carts for rent also. Electric carts are not as popular as the faster gas models though.

Explore South Bass Island

With a widely available tourist map in hand or downloadable Put-in-Bay Island Guide from our website, begin your adventure with Put In Bay golf cart rentals by cruising up and down the streets of the main downtown business area to get the hang of the cart. Then explore some of the charming residential cottages and other Put-in-Bay attractions.

Finally, head for the hills, literally, and explore the winding hilly roads in the center of the island and find putt-putt golf, wineries, caves, vineyards, antique schoolhouse, ice cream shops, and much much more. All these farther-flung routes will yield breathtaking views, without the need for you to stop to catch your breath after what would otherwise have been a healthy hike!

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put in bay golf cart rentals put in bay golf cart rentals

Golf Cart Rental Rates & Rules

Rates vary depending on whether you choose an overnight golf cart rental midweek or a day rental on the weekend. Our rental agency only offers overnight rentals, no hourly rates.


Our weekday overnight rate (4 PM – 11 AM) for a 4 passenger golf cart is $70 plus tax.

Our weekday overnight rate (4 PM – 11 AM) for a 6-person cart is $90 plus tax.


Our weekend rate (4 PM Fri - 11 AM Sun) for a 4 passenger golf cart is $160 plus tax.

Our weekend rate (4 PM Fri - 11 AM Sun) for a 6-person cart is $200 plus tax.


- Must be 18 years of age to rent a golf cart.

- Must have a valid drivers license.

- Must follow all traffic laws, including DUI laws.


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FUN FACT: The grape-growing and wine-making industry began in the Lake Erie Island in the 1850s, and Put-in-Bay’s attraction as a historical island resort was being developed.


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