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Put in Bay, Ohio

We welcome you to Put-in-Bay Ohio and Island Club Rentals. The reviews are in and the Island Club Vacation Home Rentals is a winner!

For those who don't know, Put-in-Bay is located in beautiful Lake Erie in northwestern Ohio. Put-in-Bay is also known as South Bass Island. The Island Club consists of 73 fully furnished homes available for rent

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The Put in Bay Homes We Rent

The homes feature three or four bedrooms, two baths and an equipped kitchen.

Even better, each home has an outdoor deck complete with a propane grill. Guests can also take advantage of the new pool installed in 2008. The Put in bay bachelorette parties love hanging out and enjoying the sun. There is ample space to layout and catch some rays and a swimming area to beat the heat. If you would like to make a reservation (we are members of the Put In Bay Chamber of Commerce), you can easily book online with our availability search. We are the premier Lake Erie Islands lodging home rental partner. If you are looking for specials or packages, we are your answer!


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The Best Accommodations For Any Size Group

The Island Club has spacious accommodations for you and your group. To see for yourself the rentals that are available, be sure to check out the 3-D tours. These tours have great images of the Island Club Rentals homes and other Put-in-Bay attractions and sights. The value of renting a home on Putin Bay is large. Guests can utilize the kitchen and grill to prepare some of their own food, thus saving tons for your trip. The Island Club is perfect for families, corporate groups, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding parties and many other groups. Put in Bay 2019 was a banner year for us! We have home rentals for 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 guests. So, don't get separated from your group by staying in separate hotel rooms and opt to stay together at the Island Club or in one of our many large home rentals on the island.

By choosing the Island Club you provide you and your group an opportunity to stay together, and have the space and comforts that a Put in Bay hotel simply cannot provide. Also, the costs are either cheaper or comparable to the hotel rates, without sacrificing your privacy and space. We can accommodate very large groups, and depending on availability, be able to put groups in neighboring homes. We are much more fun than Middle Bass Island or Kelleys Island. You can rent an Island Club Rentals home by the week, weekend or during the midweek. We are your very own put in bay all-in-one solution.  Lastly, we have great Put in Bay Taxis onsite for your convenience.

When are Rentals at Put in Bay Available?

You can rent an Island Club Rentals home by the week, weekend or during the midweek. We are your very own put in bay wiki for vacation home rentals! Be sure to check out the incredible mid-week specials to plan your cost effective vacation. There is a wonderful dichotomy of the action that Put-in-Bay sees. From Sunday through Thursday, the island with its natural beauty and tranquility can be fully enjoyed. The pace is very relaxed, and one can often find more families on golf carts and children on bikes than automobiles. The weekends at Put-in-Bay are action packed with many live entertainment options and an exciting night life. Throngs of people come to stay for the weekend, and others for the day via the Jet Express or Miller Ferry. We can provide you with a great vacation package, just call us! Both during the week and on the weekend there are vacation opportunities for everyone's liking in put in bay. Whether you prefer the slow paced atmosphere of the midweek or the intensity of the weekend, Put-in-Bay has both. And Island Club Rentals are ready to accommodate you and yours during your next trip to Put-in-Bay.

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The Final Word on Put-in-Bay

The relaxed nature will surely improve your Lake Erie adventure. The history of put in bay is laid out all around you so you can relax and enjoy a newspaper or a casual stroll. Check on Rates and Availability, or reserve your vacation rental at our Reservations Page. If you are interested to see what great live entertainment is offered, head on over to the Calendar of Events. If you are interested in checking out other available vacation rental homes and cottages, go to our Property Results Page. We look forward to serving you and seeing you at Put-in-Bay this year! If you have any questions about Put in bay or would like more information, please call 216-898-9951 or email us. We also have information on employment and jobs and can direct you to the Put-in-Bay Gazette for more work opportunities. We will SEE YOU AT THE BAY, at the Island Club at Put-in-Bay, Ohio.

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