Virtual Tour

There are 73 homes in the Island Club on Put in Bay. Most of the homes homes are 3 bedroom 2 bath and sleep up to 8 people, a few are larger 3 bedrooms with accommodations up to 10 people, and 3 homes are very large 4 bedroom 2 bath homes that sleep up to 12 people. The links below will take you on a tour from the entrance of the Island Club, inside the homes and around the streets and yards of the most popular Put in Bay Cottage Rentals. Also, there is a link to a map of the Island Club Pool homes which are marked in Blue and are $150 more for a weekend and are always the first to book.

If you are a family or a group why stay in a hotel cramped in a room with 2 beds. During the week we offer Great Midweek Rates, for about the same price you would pay at a hotel room you get 3 private bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room, private deck, grill and a yard to enjoy. Go ahead and take a tour of the Island Club, then e-mail us or call us at 216-898-9951 if you have any questions. Thanks for taking a virtual tour of PutinBay's Island Club. You can send the whole tour to a friend by just opening the tour click on the Share Tour link in the upper left hand corner to send the tour to Your Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!

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