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Put-in-Bay Things to Do Top 10

Put-in-Bay Ohio has so many great attractions.  High energy fun like parasailing to more relaxing time spent sipping on some island wine.  Regardless, there truly is something for everyone.  We’ve come up with the 10 Best Things to Do on Put in Bay.  Do you have a suggestion for the list?  Feel free to share your thoughts.

Here’s our Top Then Things to Do on Put-in-Bay:

10. Take a Taxi

Island Club Taxi

This may not seem like a thing to do.  Think again! There are countless stories of fun times had on Put-in-Bay Taxis.  Furthermore, sharing the ride with others will make new friends fast!  Furthermore, the Best Taxi Service on Put-in-Bay is Island Club Taxi.  Their drivers are fun, personable and make sure you have fun.  So, look for them in the white vans with palm trees or call 419-285-5466.

9. Rent a Kayak

Put-in-Bay Kayaks

Rent a kayak from Kayak the Bay.  So, take in the incredible vantage point from on top of Lake Erie.  Breath taking views of Perry’s Monument and the downtown Put-in-Bay Harbor are incredible.  Also, see the famous Benson Ford Ship House, once owned by the Henry Ford Family.

8. Take a Hike

Take a Hike on Put-in-Bay

The beautiful natural setting of Put-in-Bay cannot be overlooked.  So, take a leisurely walk at one of the many nature preserves.  The Scheef Point Preserve, pictured above, offers a gorgeous lakefront setting.  Also, groomed trails greet guests with cozy benches along the way.

7. Jet Ski on Lake Erie

Put-in-Bay Jet Ski

Rip across the water on a Jet Ski.  Then, feel the mist of Lake Erie while taking in the scenery.  Put-in-Bay Watercraft Rental has jet skis, power boats and kayaks for rent.  So, find them near South Bass Island State Park for some water filled fun!

6. Eat Local

Boardwalk Put-in-Bay

With so many things to do, an appetite will surely surface.  Put-in-Bay has only one national chain dining option on the island.  Otherwise, the rest are unique to the island.  So, grab a bowl of Lobster Bisque at the Boardwalk Restaurant.  Oh, so good!

5. Go Parasailing

Put-in-Bay Parasailing

Strap in for an unforgettable ride.  Put-in-Bay Parasailing has been providing service to the island since the early 1990’s.  Float among the clouds taking in amazing views of Perry’s Monument.

4. Drink Island Wine

Put-in-Bay Winery

Get a real taste of the islands.  Grape growing and wine making have been a part of Putin Bay since the islands humble beginnings.  Furthermore,  Heineman’s Winery has been doing so since 1888.  So, stop in for their signature selection: Pink Catawba.  Sweet and fruity, the taste is pure Summer!

3. Take a Bi-Plane Ride

Bi-Plane Put-in-Bay

Planes have been a part of the island for generations.  This lifeline provides transportation in the Winter months.  So, see the island from far above with a ride with a Put-in-Bay Bi-Plane.  Take in spectacular views of the Lake Erie Islands.

2. Rent a Golf Cart

Put-in-Bay Golf Cart

One of the most striking things about Put in-Bay is golf carts!  They seem to be everywhere and they are.  So, renting a golf cart is the best way to see all of the island.  Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Depot has you covered downtown, and Island Club Golf Cart Rentals has rentals onsite for guests.

1. Relax


There certainly is something special about the island of Put-in-Bay.  Worries seem to flee and enjoyment ensues when the clock is set to island time.  So, if you haven’t experienced a feeling quite like this, what are you waiting for?  Put your mind at ease and set course for PIB!

Thanks for Reading!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Put-in-Bay Things to Do Top 10.  Please, stay tuned for more great lists like this!  Also, your suggestions are encouraged.  What do you want to hear more about?  Tell us!  Cheers, see you at the Bay!

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