Wildlife Trails in Put-in-Bay Ohio!

As we brave the winter months, we can dream and look forward to the spring days in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. South Bass Island is known for its downtown scene but nature lovers know many of the hidden gems on the island. We are going to share these hidden wildlife trails today! Visitors flock to the Lake Erie Islands during April and May to enjoy the outdoors and view the beautiful wildflowers. Some of the beautiful plants you can see on the trails include Virginia Waterleaf, Mayapple, Jack in the Pulpit, Dutchman’s Breeches, and more! Come take a day trip from Cleveland or spend the week on the island taking in all its beauty. Enjoying the wildflowers is just one way to enjoy the nature of the Lake Erie Islands. Come try parasailing, jet skiing, or kayaking to explore the waters of Lake Erie.

Dodge Woods Trails and Preserves

This trail is the perfect distance from the downtown Put-in-Bay scene. Visitors are just a short golf cart ride away! This trail is located at the intersection of Thompson and Langram road. Besides the beautiful wildflowers, this preserve features Black Walnut, Kentucky Coffeetree, and Eastern Red Cedar trees. The trails are for walking only. Golf cart parking is available! These beautiful preserves and trails will make your trip truly feel like a getaway. Dodge Woods Trails are just down the road from the Crystal Cave, Perry’s Cave, Butterfly House, South Bass Island State Park, and more.

The Jane Coats Wildflower Trails and Preserves

This beautiful area is kept up by volunteers and is just a short golf cart ride from the Boardwalk, Put-in-Bay Hotels, and Put-in-Bay restaurants. The three acres of wooded area are dedicated to Jan Coats who is a respected artist on the island. These trails and preserves are located across from Ladd Carr Wildlife Woods. The gorgeous trails are lined with wildflowers. Visitors come to jog and explore! Bird watchers also frequent this location. Birds like Horned Larks, Tree Swallows, the Scarlet Tanager, and many more can be spotted here. Put-in-Bay island is known as a bird watcher destination. Take a break from water sports like paddleboarding and kayaking! The trails and preserves are a great place to connect with nature. This is a great trail for beginners as it is very flat. Come see the beautiful springtime flowers!

Massie Cliffside Trails and Preserves

This gorgeous bit of the island is luckily preserved from development by land grants. The 11 acres of shoreline features a dock for fishing and so much to explore. The Massie Cliffside Trails are conveniently located within short walking distance from the iconic Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial. Bird watchers enjoy these trails and preserves. They spot many different wild birds here year after year. The Cliffside has become an iconic spot to watch sunsets over Lake Erie. This is a hidden gem when it comes to Put-in-Bay attractions. After you enjoy a peaceful walk around these trails, make sure to head over to the monument to learn about the War of 1812 and the Battle of Lake Erie. This monument celebrates the long-lasting peace between the United States and Canada.

Scheef East Point Trails and Preserves

At the end of State Route 257, there is an 8.8-acre park named after Rose Scheef. This is a gorgeous setting to enjoy the natural coast of Lake Erie. There is a rocky shore and shallow water to enjoy. This part of the coastline attracts kayakers, fishers, and nature lovers. Visits can see the Middle Bass and Ballast Islands from this gorgeous park. While exploring the island by Put-in-Bay Golf Carts, this is a great place to stop! Golf cart parking is available at the entrance. Scheef East Point features a trail along Lake Erie. This is a unique attraction that should not be missed on South Bass! After you roam around the coast of Lake Erie, head over to Put-in-Bay Winery to wind down.

Cooper’s Woods

This beautiful nineteen acre stretch of land is full of ancient oaks, maples, walnuts, and hackberry trees. There are even small caverns that you can explore. Visitors can spot wildflowers like mayapple, trillium, mosses, toothwort, anemone, and dame’s rocket. Cooper’s Woods is another popular destination for bird watchers. The nineteen acres are the perfect backdrop for a leisurely walk or run! The entrance is right near Mother of Sorrow’s Catholic Church which is right on Catawba Ave. Put-in-Bay Golf Carts are the perfect way to get around to all these amazing trails! Cooper’s Woods is the perfect break from sightseeing. This amazing trail is not far from Put-in-Bay Resorts, Miller Ferry dock, Adventure Bay, Derivera Park, and more.

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