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Crystal Cave

Crystal Cave
978 Catawba Ave.
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456 419-285-2811

Crystal Cave is home to the world’s largest geode. Take a tour of the cave nearly 40 feet below ground, and surround yourself with the brilliant history of this stunning site. Located beneath Heineman's Winery, you can travel through the pale blue crystals formed as long as 15,000 years ago, and discover the fascinating tales of the cave. In fact, it was accidentally uncovered when winery workers were digging a well. Talk about finding a hidden gem!

While visiting Crystal Cave, it should go without saying that you should explore Heineman’s Winery. The winery is the oldest family-operated winery in the state of Ohio, established in 1888, over five generations. That’s more than 125 years to perfect their signature grape juice and popular wines.

Heineman Winery Favorites:

  • Island Chablis (White)
  • Crystal Cave Spumante
  • Cedar Woods Red
  • Catawba Grape Juice
  • Niagara (White)

During Prohibition, the winery was able to persist due to the Crystal Cave Tours.Heineman’s even cultivates 50 acres of land for wine production. This is a delicious tradition showcasing Put-In-Bay’s rich history. After you’ve toured the cave and the winery, treat yourself to a bottle of wine. Then hop across the street and visit Perry's Cave Family Fun Center, and enjoy a different side of Put-In-Bay’s attractions.

Crystal Cave Tour Prices:

Adults: $8.00
Children, Ages: 6-12, $4.00
Children 5 and Younger: FREE

Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday: Tours Begin at 11:00 am
Sunday: Tours Begin at 12:00 pm
Tours Conclude Daily at 5:00 pm

Make sure you take advantage of the 20% discount on purchases of 12 or more bottles and enjoy the tastes of Put-In-Bay’s historical Heineman’s Winery from home. If you’re feeling generous, bring some bottles for your loved ones and share the story of one of the world’s greatest wineries, located 40 feet above the world’s largest geode, Crystal Cave!
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