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Gemstone Mining

Gemstone Mining

Dust off your spirit of adventure and join the elite ranks of the Put-In-Bay prospectors of past and present at Gemstone Mining. Located at Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center, begin your expedition at The Shop at the Top, where you carefully select and purchase your bag of rough mix. Sift through the contents, and let the water uncover hidden treasures, as you pan for real gems and fossils. Some explorers spend up to an hour examining their rough mix. This is every rock hound’s dream come true. So roll up your sleeves and dig in!

Gemstone Mining Location

Because Gemstone Mining is located at Perry’s Family Fun Center, there are still lots of other cool things to experience during your visit. Continue your expedition underground at Perry’s Cave 52 feet below the surface of South Bass Island. There, can get a rare glimpse of an underground lake, also located in the cave. Helpful hack: wear comfy walking shoes with rubber soles.

More Fun Stuff to Do Here:

Just in case you are clamoring for more prospecting excitement, mozy back to The Shop at the Top to purchase an uncut geode and prepare yourself to be amazed. One of their highly trained staff members will use a super special diamond-bladed saw to cut the geode in half, revealing a gorgeous gemstone inside. For maximum fun, buy a combo package or super combo and experience more attractions for less dough. You’ll be the envy of gemstone and geode collectors the world over.

Gemstone Mining Hours and Pricing

Geodes: Small $4 – 20
Gemstone Mining Rough Bag: $6.25 – $10.42

Hours of Operation

May thru September: 10 AM – 6 PM
April and October (Weekends Only): 11 AM – 5 PM

If you are planning a trip to Put-In-Bay, add Gemstone Mining and tons of other great attractions to your itinerary. Take part in the history and tradition of Put-In-Bay, Ohio. Remember to check the upcoming events page to make the most of your visit and experience exclusive extras.
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